Medical scalp and skin micropigmentation is a form of permanent cosmetics and requires a medical procedure in which color pigment is applied with a medical grade electronic needling machine into the epidermal level of the scalp or skin. We use top line instruments from Nouveau Contour such as, Nouveau Contour Intelligent and Nouveau Contour 0.18 mm micro needles, for precision permanent cosmetic and medical applications. Nouveau Contour Intelligent is the world’s most advanced computerized permanent cosmetic device and is used for medical procedures and micropigmentation. Given its high level of needle insertions per second capacity (50 to 180 punctures per second), this powerful device is ultra-precise, a key feature for medical applications such as areola restoration, scar camouflage, scalp micropigmentation for baldness and alopecia, permanent makeup cosmetics, and other medical procedures.

Together with the Intelligent machine is the Nouveau Contour Digital Safety hand piece that uses disposable safety needle cartridges. This type of hand piece raises micropigmentation application to a higher level of achievement for optimal results.

We use micro needles of 0.18 mm for scalp and skin micropigmentation. The Nouveau Contour needle cartridge is a single-use disposable safety cartridge system that is completely isolated from the hand piece and fully eliminates any possibility of cross-contamination of blood borne pathogens. The micro size needle of 0.18 mm is the smallest size available in the market for micropigmentation. This micro needle enables the sculpturing of hair like follicles on scalp for permanent scalp hair and on skin for life like permanent 3-D hair stroke eyebrows.

We use non-iron oxide micro pigments for all micropigmentation procedures. All pigment products are sterile and are made in the USA.

Why is non-iron oxide so important?

Permanent makeup has been around for quite some time. The quality of the pigments implanted into the skin is important. Many establishments use iron oxide pigments and they don’t want their clients to know about color changes. Pigments that contain iron oxide do not stay true to original color. Example, iron oxide brown pigment will change to orange or pink; likewise, black color iron oxide pigment will turn into blue in less than a year. The reason is iron oxides are not stable. They deteriorate rapidly when subjected to UV rays and electromagnetic fields such as, MRI scans at hospitals. Pigments containing iron oxide tend to discolor quickly and fade with time.

Non-iron oxide pigments do not change color or fade. Micropigmentation with non-iron oxide color pigments will stay true color for at least 10 years or longer.

One more important reason that we use non-iron oxide color pigments is for MRI safety. Our clients can receive permanent makeup or micropigmentation treatment with non-iron oxide pigments today and go through an MRI scanning procedure the next day safely without any burning sensations.